Aug 04

The Interview Questions…


Aloha! Tomorrow will mark my tenth job interview in approximately 2 months here on Maui. I have been offered a few of the positions and chose to turn them down for various reasons. I wanted to let you know that up front so you don’t think I am bitter about this process. I am not at all, but I have found it very interesting and amusing. All part of the journey.

What has amazed me the most is the wide variety of questions I have been asked. The latest, by email, was:  “How long have you lived in Maui?” This position was a behind the scenes office administration position, so I’m not sure what difference it would make how long I’ve been here, or if that’s even a legal question to ask. I wasn’t applying to give tours of the island or to work at one of the Hawaiian historical/cultural centers or museums.  …and shouldn’t the correct question be: ‘How long have you lived ON Maui?’ Maui is an island after all and not a city. I didn’t receive another reply after I responded that I had lived ON Maui for four months now. No, I didn’t capitalize the word ON in my reply…that would have explained the lack of response though.

Interestingly enough, the common denominator in each interview has been some form of:  ‘How would you handle conflict between you and another co-worker, or with a guest/customer?‘  Is there REALLY that much conflict in the workplace that each interviewer believes it’s important enough to ask?!

I have also been asked the tabu: “Do you have children?” and “Are you married?“questions. Yes, really!  Sometimes from major worldwide corporations and sometimes from small mom and pop organizations.

The kicker of them all so far for me has been “Would you mind sharing your faith based journey with us…if you have one?”  (Why yes, I do mind.)  …needless to say, by mutual agreement, this will not be my new place of employment. Not that I’m against “faith based journeys”  I just don’t wish to share mine during a job interview.

In the meantime, our photography business, Maile Media, is still moving along. Our calendar is filling!

My goal was just to find something fun and happy to do, to make extra money somewhere I can make people’s lives happier and/or easier. This is the land of aloha after all. I know the right thing will come at the right time. My next interview is tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to the next set of questions!!! Wish me luck, prayers, happy thoughts, positive energy, etc, please!


Aloha and mahalo for visiting!

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