May 08

Sweet Lana’i – Part 4

Our Day Trip to Lana’i

Dole Park was the place to be that day!  Dole Park is the town square in Lana’i City. Any shopping or restaurants on Lana’i that are not related to one of the two resorts are found on or directly around the square. All 3 grocery stores are here as well. I haven’t ever timed it, but my guess is you can walk from end to end in five minutes, tops.  We’re not talking about a Galleria Mall here. This is an extremely low key, laid back place. The reason we love it so much!

The annual keiki (children’s) charity walk was taking place when we arrived. The festivities were complete with booths from local organizations, a live band, fresh local food cooked to order and the regularly scheduled Saturday farmer’s market.

Festivities on the Square

Festivities on the Square

Class of 2014 Lana'i High School Fundraising Booth

Class of 2014 Lana’i High School Fundraising Booth

Live Band Performing on Saturday in the Square

Live Band Performing on Saturday in the Square – Hawaiian Music Of Course!




The Health and Energy Elixir

The Health and Energy Elixir

Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market


Farmer's Market Vendor

Farmer’s Market Vendor

Farmer's Market Selection

Farmer’s Market Selection

I didn’t know what half this stuff was.  I will learn though!  I DO know that the gallon sized bag full of yellow flowers are Squash Blossoms.  Thank you “Chopped” on Food Network for that useful information!  We purchased a nice bag of seaweed and a small bag of chile peppers.

As we made our way around the square, we found a little shop tucked around the corner of the square. We had an enlightening conversation with the owner about west Texas! She was born and raised in Hawaii. Her grandmother, on the island of Kaua’i, taught her how to sew when she was only five. Now she uses all of her grandmother’s vintage Hawaiian fabric to make handbags. They were beautiful bags in any size and shape imaginable. A different vintage fabric from Hawaii is used to line each bag as well. I only purchased a small one…it was the only pink one she had that day…  She does wonderful work! Anyway, somehow we began talking about Texas and she said she had been to Midland, TX not long ago for a wedding. She stated that she really enjoyed the area, but that it felt a little… and she made a cute face and wrinkled up her nose while rubbing her forefingers and thumbs together on each hand. I was expecting her to say dry, gritty, smelly, sandy…the usual words people use to describe west Texas if they are not from west Texas. The word she used to describe the area was a new one for me, but it made perfect sense! She said it felt oily. I suddenly imagined, simultaneously (1)  The feeling of walking down the stairs of an airplane in a tropical place with the palm trees blowing and the humid breeze that almost takes your breath away and immediately relaxes you.  – VS. –  (2)  This woman who has lived in this beautiful, tropical land her entire life, exiting an airplane in Midland, TX and feeling…oily.  Perfect!

Little Girl


Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for stopping by!

If  you would like to order a vintage Hawaiian fabric handbag, go to www.corylabangstudio.com.  Her website is flash based, I was not able to open it on my iPhone or iPad, had to break out the “real” computer…  Please let her know I sent you!


  1. Mary Helen Livingston

    The bags are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Texas Girl Finds Aloha

    I thought so, too, MH! She does excellent detail work on them too! You are welcome!

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