Jun 01

Surfing Goat Dairy


We were in tour mode after my daughter arrived on Maui for her first visit. So much to see and so little time to see it!  Luckily, after touring the Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery, we were directed up the road only a mile or so away to the Surfing Goat Dairy. Surfing…Goat… hmmm…do goats really surf? I immediately envisioned a goat standing on his hind hooves, hanging four (instead of ten) and donning a pair of red floral trunks.

Surfing goat??? ...it could happen!

Surfing goat??? …it could happen!

As we pulled into the entry of the Surfing Goat Dairy, the kiawe trees scattered throughout the property suggested there would be no goats surfing on our tour today.

Kiawe Tree

Kiawe Tree

The kiawe tree (pronounced – kee AH vay) is a species of mesquite tree, very similar to those found in hot dry areas on the mainland…complete with thorns.

Even though we would not actually witness goats riding the waves today, we were still in for quite a treat because…


…that’s right! There was FOOD involved!!!  Goat cheese, chocolate truffles and fresh lemonade! After our very lengthy and generous tasting session, I made it home with a container of O Sole’ Mio which was a sun dried tomato goat cheese spread,  Napa Wrap which was Chevre stuffed in grape leaves, Lilikoi Fruit Quark which was similar to a passion fruit yogurt and Men’s Challenge which was a horseradish goat cheese spread. The Men’s Challenge was my favorite, except I couldn’t remember the correct name so I just called it “Man Cheese.”




We packed our own picnic lunch that morning and found the eating area at the Dairy to be a perfect setting to enjoy it. We ordered fresh lemonade which was made from fresh lemons and limes from their onsite orchard and sweetened with honey. It was unique and very tasty!



The folks at the Dairy, as with most people living in Hawaii, have been quite resourceful with their recycling efforts. Old surfboards are used often for fences and barriers. I specifically enjoyed the recycling of the wind sails in the eating area here to provide more shade from the afternoon sun.


Sleeping cats and resting dogs were a nice addition at the Dairy. We questioned whether the gray cat sleeping up on the rafter was real or not. Once we began enjoying our lunch, we found out quickly that he was indeed alive. He found his way to the side of our table quickly. One of his cat friends sat on an empty chair at our table and waited somewhat patiently for his share. It definitely kept us entertained.


During the tour we learned that this studly looking guy was one of only 3 billies (or bucks) on the property.


There were approximately 150 goats total…


Yes…he is QUITE the stud…


This was their milking station and feed buckets.


…and this was the wall in the milking station where the most important information was kept. According to the “Milk Production” chart, these goats get to vacation the last quarter of the year. Not a bad gig!


This is Eva, she and her husband, self-proclaimed German expatriates, own the Surfing Goat Dairy. She spoke with us briefly about milk production and cheese making.  I must confess, I didn’t hear much of what she was saying because I was focused on…


…her shoes!!! They reminded me of wooden Dutch clogs and I wanted a pair of my own! Not that I would wear them once I got them. My shoe wardrobe consists mainly of flip flops these days and quite frankly, I have more than I wear. Of course, I have dress flip flops, and casual flip flops and beach flip flops and then the other 12 pair that I might need for some unknown event…but, I really wanted these clogs! They were yellow and CHEERY!

So now that I am totally off topic, if you would like to read more about the Surfing Goat Dairy, with no surfing goats, but plenty of surfboards and national award winning cheeses and chocolate truffles that they would be happy to ship to you, you can visit their website here. They really do have delicious products and treat their animals humanely, which is a very nice combination.

UPDATE:  I learned just this morning, while visiting at the Maui Wedding Expo, that the Surfing Goat Dairy makes a great wedding or rehearsal dinner venue! I know the photos I chose in this post didn’t quite show this particular side of the farm, but you can find more information on their website.  This will be a good excuse for me to return to the dairy and post again…and taste more cheese…and truffles…and lemonade…




Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for stopping by!