May 24

Organic Spirits, Really.

What do you get when you mix organic sugarcane with desalinated deep ocean mineral water? A product that tastes as clean and pure as the process used to make it!


Vodka!  Appropriately named, Ocean Vodka!


The water starts out as a melting glacier and surprisingly enough ends up at 3000 feet below the surface off the coast of Kona. An enterprising company found a way to bring it from deep beneath the ocean and desalinate the water and still leave the trace minerals in place. Although the water product has multiple uses, Ocean Vodka purchases their raw product in large quantities and has it shipped to Maui for the particular use of producing their organic spirit.


We visitied their sparkling new facility on Maui, recently.


…and had the privilege of receiving our own private tour.


The organic sugarcane is not only hand planted, it is also hand harvested. This way the new young stalks can be spared and harvested at a later date once they mature.


They have test fields with different varieties of sugarcane and are constantly researching ways to improve their product or make different varieties of their most amazing spirits.




Sugar Cane

Although there are many ways to make vodka, Ocean Vodka has chosen to take its distillation process to the maximum potential unlike other spirit manufacturers who stop the distillation process once it reaches a given proof.


The folks at Ocean Vodka continue the distillation process well beyond the intended proof to remove all unwanted impurities that could effect the flavor. Once the impurities are removed, then they add the ultra pure water into the distilled alcohol to reduce the proof, thereby giving it an unusually clean and pure taste.


To our knowledge, Ocean Vodka is the only company that goes to this extent to provide a pure, high quality, eco-friendly vodka product. Their care and production is evident in the taste of this vodka and without a doubt the finest vodka I have ever had the privilege of tasting.




Shonna, our tour guide has worked with the Smith family for more than a decade. She demonstrated for us how each bottle is hand corked on the assembly line.

DSC_0724Yes, hand corked.



Shay Smith, the founder and president of the company, can be seen in the surfing photos on the walls of the bottling room along with other family members. The 3 generations of the eco-conscious Smith family live on Maui and have a love and respect for the ocean and the land. They were eco-conscious decades before “organic” was cool.  It is not just a catch phrase for this family.

DSC_0663The herbs in their new herb garden are used in their classy and clean Ocean Vodka drink recipes. You can find the recipes and more information about Ocean Vodka on their website.

As of the publishing of this post, Ocean Vodka was not yet distributing to all 50 states. I was able to find it on Amazon if you want to give it a “shot”. You will not be disappointed!

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