Apr 29

More Onions, Please!

Aloha!  Day 18 in Hawaii!


We received our last 2 shipped boxes today. Unpacking kitchen knives and all of our spices was VERY exciting! I kissed the Julio’s Seasoning Salt container after it was unpacked. My husband kissed his kitchen knives and the mandolin slicer he uses to make our ahi poke. We’ve had to buy the poke already prepared until today. Quite the celebration!

Luckily poke is readily available here. It is served out of the “deli” area at Costco like Sam’s Club displays and serves their hot bar-b-que in the south. They offer several different varieties of poke, too. My favorite has been the poke glistening with lots of tiny bits of chopped Maui Onions!

Maui Onion

Maui Onion

Yep, that’s right, onions!

My entire life I have been a “hold the onions” type of person. I loved the flavor that they gave to certain dishes and would chop them very large so they were easier to pick out of anything I cooked. Never, EVER, would I eat raw onions! They have always been too bitter and a tad bit hot. Not these babies. They are sweet and delicious.

In my quest to try all things Hawaiian…food, that is… I thought it necessary to try an onion too. They are very well promoted here. There are Maui Onion potato chips, onion rings (like Funyuns), onion salad dressing, onion soup, onion dip, onion burgers (I’m beginning to sound like Forrest Gump…) even the companies that sell macadamia nuts offer a Maui Onion flavoring. The Maui Onion even has its own festival!  These things are AWESOME!!!

I’ve been eating them on everything possible. The pot roast we made in the slow cooker, the fresh spinach and tomato salad (yep…raw!) and even the black bean quesadillas.

Black Bean Quesadilla...with Maui Onions

Black Bean Quesadilla…with Maui Onions

My SDH (Sweet Darling Husband) had some left on the cutting board after dinner and I ate those too.   I’m very glad they are good for me! I do have to confess though. It must be true that it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Ok, not THAT old…  After enjoying the pot roast, I looked down at my plate and realized that I had pushed allllll the onions over to one side of the plate.  Don’t worry, they didn’t go to waste.

Mahalo for stopping by!


Update:  Maxwell, the coffee drunk gecko, was spotted on the lanai today.  He has survived!

Update: 5-2-13 Many of the Maui Onion products mentioned can be found here: http://Maui Onion Products






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  1. Paul


  2. Mischel

    So enjoy reading about your new adventure. We love onions at our house need to see if these are available to order online so we can try. Enjoy the journey.

  3. Texas Girl Finds Aloha

    Mischel, thank you for the kind words! I just found this website http://www.takehomemaui.com/ looks like they should be able to send you some nice sweet delicious Maui Onions. If you contact them, please let them know I sent you.

  4. Tracy Bulla

    I love your writing! Your topics are so fun and interesting. Funny, it makes me miss you and we didn’t even get to spend much time together. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Texas Girl Finds Aloha

    Thank you, Tracy! Funny, I feel the same way when YOU post something! :)

  6. Tracy Bulla


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