Jul 29

Meteorologists Show Aloha!

Aloha!  While preparing for Tropical Storm Flossie’s arrival yesterday, I realized that my basic cable package (the free one) does not include The Weather Channel. It has taken me four months to realize I haven’t had access to my go-to channel! Maybe because the weather is virtually the same here in beautiful Hawaii every day. I remember seeing a 5 day forecast from a local station on the TV screen a few weeks ago and every day was literally the same picture. Same high, same low, same sunny icon and same wind variable. Exactly the same. I started to feel bad for the poor weather men/women here as I remembered how excited the meteorologists on the mainland get when a thunderstorm might be building.


When I woke up this morning, I could hear a light rain, palm trees blowing in the breeze, geckos chirping and birds singing. Having experienced Tropical Storm Debby last year in Florida, dumping a record breaking amount of rainfall of more than 15 inches in 3 days, I knew Flossie had not yet arrived. There will be no birds singing if Flossie’s attitude is anything like Debby’s. I immediately turned on the TV and found a local station out of Honolulu reporting on the weather. When will she be here?!

I discovered that luckily, the spirit of aloha exists even from the local meteorologists reporting on what could be their biggest event for years.  …make that decades… this is the first time since 1992 that there is the potential for a direct hit to the Hawaiian islands from a storm of this magnitude.  I got that straight from the meteorologist on my TV screen right now. Amazingly, he managed to report this information, as have all his colleagues here, WITHOUT the slightest inclination of hysteria! They are still able to get all the necessary information out like information about storm surges, flash flood areas, area closings and shelter locations, but without that panic stricken tone in their voice. No worries.

This is truly the land of aloha.

Apparently I have a few more hours to prepare for Flossie’s arrival. I find myself a little more concerned about her arrival than I was for Debby’s arrival in Florida. I feel a little less prepared, although I’m not sure why. We brought the majority of our hurricane supplies with us from Florida and have plenty of food. I went to the store yesterday morning for the important last minute items like water and wine. It was fairly uneventful. No lines or crowds. I’m hoping my feeling of unpreparedness is just due to the fact that there wasn’t that much preparing to do and not that we have forgotten something important.  …I’m going to find a few more containers to fill with water….  Here’s hoping Flossie will bring her aloha spirit as well.

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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