Jun 05

Ke`anae Peninsula


I never knew Hawaii had earthquakes, until I felt one yesterday. The trade winds were blowing yesterday and I have to confess, I thought it was just a really strong gust of wind coming through, rattling the house…like a dirt devil without the dirt. What did I know, I only remember experiencing one other earthquake in January of 1992, in west Texas of all places. I thought THAT one was the cat jumping up on the bed in the middle of the night. My husband, being from southern California, called it while it was happening, yesterday, then second guessed himself after we saw a drilling unit working not too far from the house. It wasn’t until later in the day I read news headlines that stated there was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the Big Island. It REALLY was an earthquake! Luckily for us, a tsunami was not expected.


We are fortunate to have a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to warn us of these things. Unfortunately, the Ke’anae Peninsula did not have that warning back in 1946 after an 8.6 magnitude earthquake was detected off the coast of Alaska. The entire community of Ke’anae was washed away and many lives were lost.

DSC_0367The only structure left standing after the tsunami was this old church which we had the pleasure of exploring on our journey down the Hana Highway a few weeks ago. The organization of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was prompted after the 1946 destruction.


It is a very quiet little town now with just a few homes and residents. I fell in love with it immediately. A few horses grazing near the black lava rock jagged edge coast line and the grass seemed to be a more vivid green than anywhere else. Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy from our visit to Ke`anae Peninsula. It’s not an easy or short route to get there, but definitely worth the drive!





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