Jun 16

Jackson’s Chameleon

We took a trip upcountry to the Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm to do some exploring and check out this beautiful place. We found some truly amazing things there! One of them being Jackson’s Chameleon.

Jackson's Chameleon Male

Isn’t he just the coolest!!!!


While we were roaming the gardens full of beautiful, exotic and unusual plants, we were fortunate enough to spot one of the employees pulling a pair of chameleons off of a shrub to show the guests.


Since very few plants or animals are truly native to Hawai`i, I had to find out how they got here.


My research tells me they were brought to the island of Oahu in the 1970’s by a supplier in Kenya who was bringing them to a pet store on Oahu to sell. Apparently the second shipment of chameleons didn’t arrive in good health and the pet store owner let them loose outside near his home. Since then, they have been found on Maui, Hawai`i, Kauai and Lana`i.   Amazing swimmers…aren’t they???

Jackson's Chameleon Female

 This is the female.

They thrive in an environment with plenty of vegetation and rain, mildly warm temperatures, cool nights and higher elevations. Studies show that they will not drink from a body of water, only from the drops of rain that collect on leaves, etc. They also like to have a variety of insects to eat, not showing favoritism to any one type.


I think I am more intrigued by their feet than by the horns! The feet on the male look like 2 fat toes per foot, but it’s actually 2 sets of toes fused together. I noticed the female’s feet appear to be different than the male’s. They both have prehensile tails as well.


More posts about the unusual and beautiful sights at the Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm coming soon! You won’t want to miss it!



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