Jul 07

Finch Friends

Our first morning to wake up at the new place, we decided to sit out on the lanai to have our coffee and soak in our new view. There is a white plumeria tree that sits just to the left of the table on the lanai…and the blooms are VERY fragrant. Because the lanai is elevated off the ground due to the sloping of the land that the building sits on, this puts the branches of the plumeria tree at eye level with our outdoor seating.

We were greeted by many new little bird friends that we had not encountered at the jungle house.

The Java Finch – they usually show up several at a time. Sometimes they will sit 6 or 7 to a branch. Males and females look alike. It is originally from Indonesia. This one was sitting on a plumeria branch next to our table. I think he (or she) is absolutely beautiful!

Java Finch from Maile Media

The Common House Finch – who seems to be anything but common. How can he be called “common” with all that beautiful red on his face and chest??? Males are red, females are brown/grey. They are from North America, introduced to Hawaii around 1870.

Common House Finch by Maile Media

They were all very friendly and brave, many would sit on the railing or hop onto the table where we were sitting. It was a great way to start the morning.

Later that day I emailed our new landlord to give her an update on things.  In the note, I told her that all the birds came and introduced themselves. In her reply back she stated “the birds are wonderful, but whatever you do, don’t feed them, they’ll move in on you!”  This struck me as funny. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much encouragement for  the friendly little guys to help themselves during a nice dinner outside. Of course, I also had a mental image of them all carrying little bird-sized suitcases under each wing and marching into the house chattering about which room they wanted to claim.

There are other birds that have come to say hello, they are just extremely quick and I’m still trying to get photos of them before introducing them to you.  More to come!

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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