May 16

Eucalyptus Beauty

Meet the Rainbow Eucalyptus!

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

www.texasgirlfindsaloha.com DSC_0293Aren’t they just spectacular!

We spotted these on our drive up the Hana Highway. The same day we found the happy lichen. The brown bark naturally strips away to reveal a number of colors and different shades of colors from greens, oranges, blues, pinks and purples. As unique as this tree seems to be, I discovered in my research that they can actually be found on the U.S. mainland along the warmer parts of the east and west coast and in south Texas.


We have eucalyptus trees surrounding our home in Hawaii. They are not rainbow eucalyptus trees but they do smell very fresh and vibrant after a rain. Their leaves are a deep dark green and occasionally there will be a random bright red one on the tree. The red leaves make for great camouflage for the cardinals, I have discovered.

Apparently, the eucalyptus trees near our home lead to where an old Hawaiian village once stood in the 1800’s. We are still trying to verify the exact location.

The day we were fortunate enough to photograph the rainbow eucalyptus trees, we spotted a larger group of them on our drive home on the Hana Highway. Road and traffic conditions prevented us from stopping. This means more photos to come of the rainbow eucalyptus trees!





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