May 01

Colors of the Wind

Aloha! It has been another beautiful day here on the island. We took what should have been a quick drive to the local hardware store that ended up being a long drive. The navigation programs don’t seem to work well in the area where we live. The long drives are always enjoyable, we just get to take in more scenery when they happen.


The consequences of taking a long unintended drive.

It’s a nice breezy day. Our bamboo wind chime on the lanai is singing along with the palm trees and eucalyptus trees that surround us.  Something about the tune the wind chime makes reminds me of the song “Colors of the Wind” from the movie Pocahontas. The song is sounding even sweeter today because it is not accompanied by a rooster.


The rooster has been getting a bit obnoxious over the past few days since I wrote about him here. We thought he belonged to our neighbors downstairs who are raising a few chickens.  After a conversation with our landlord, we discovered the rooster is wild.  He lives in a gulch that divides our yard from our landlord’s yard and roams the entire property.  Not being satisfied with his own flock of feral chickens in the gulch, he has to come hang out with the chickens in our yard too!  All good things must come to an end.

Apparently the chickens on the islands seem to be quite a nuisance.  In February, it was reported that a feral chicken’s curiosity with a transformer caused a power outage at the Kahului Airport on Maui. The power was out for more than an hour. According to Maui News, the Maui Humane Society eliminated 383 feral chickens in a 10 month period. Apparently they carry diseases and bugs and are not good to eat. Too bad, seems like the ultimate meaning of a free-range chicken.

After some strategic planning, the rooster was notified, very early this morning, that he was no longer welcome here. The notification process was very, very quick. Into the gulch he went. All has been very quiet since. While my SDH and I were taking a walk through the eucalyptus forest this morning, I told him I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping to make an entire blog post about the rooster notification process. I told him, “I thought it might drag out a while and make for a funny story.” His reply to me was, “It’s suppose to be quick.”  …and here I was trying to take advantage of the poor rooster’s predicament…

So, as I sit here composing with nothing funny to tell you… I will just appreciate the sweet, pure, rooster-crowing-free, colors of the wind.

photoAloha and mahalo for stopping by.