May 25

Coconut Pancakes

I remember tasting coconut syrup for the first time back in 2001 during my very first visit to Hawaii. It was at Sam Choy’s restaurant on Oahu. All I remember about the experience was that there was a full size wooden boat inside the restaurant and the coconut syrup that was served with my pancakes. I could never forget the coconut syrup!


Coconuts in a coconut palm tree. Be cautious when walking underneath one…never know when they might fall!

On our first grocery store run after moving to Maui, I HAD to have coconut syrup. I never searched for it or accidentally found it on the mainland, but HAD to have it immediately once we got here.

My SDH does almost all of the cooking for us, and I am ever so thankful for his talents! “Our” (I use the term “our” loosely…I suggest, he cooks and creates) version of coconut pancakes is very simple but SO delicious. It has ended up being a special event kind of breakfast, by no means an everyday thing. Not that it’s difficult to make (easy for ME to say…) but I’m sure it is loaded with enough fat and calories to fill a 2 day quota.


We just use our regular “go to” pancake mix. They are all so different and everyone has their personal preference for fluffy or thin. We top the pancakes with sliced bananas, grated coconut and of course, the coconut syrup!  If you like a little more texture, sprinkle a few chopped macadamia nuts on top. Dry roasted are my favorite, but they can be found in many flavors and varieties.

I found a coconut syrup recipe, but the reviews are mixed and I’m a little leery about the corn starch. Best to stick with the genuine article. Please report back and leave me a comment on your experience with the coconut pancakes.



Any day you have coconut pancakes will be a special occasion!




Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for stopping by!

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  1. Tracy Bulla

    Sounds and looks SCRUMPTIOUS! You know I’ll have to try making some.

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