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Jun 18

Tahitian Crabmeat Soup

Luscious and creamy and rich! Complete with coconut milk! The Tahitian Crabmeat Soup recipe came from Chef Sam Choy’s Aloha Cuisine cookbook. Oddly enough, I found this cookbook, along with his Poke cookbook in the Polynesian Resort at Disney World…in Florida. They are obviously two of the sixteen cookbooks that made the journey with me …

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May 26

Iao Valley

The Iao Valley State Park is the sight of the Iao Needle. The unique shape of the needle has been formed by many centuries of erosion. The beautiful and sacred valley is the sight of the most epic battle in Maui’s history when Kamehameha I brought forces from the Big Island in 1790 to conquer …

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May 25

Coconut Pancakes

I remember tasting coconut syrup for the first time back in 2001 during my very first visit to Hawaii. It was at Sam Choy’s restaurant on Oahu. All I remember about the experience was that there was a full size wooden boat inside the restaurant and the coconut syrup that was served with my pancakes. I could never …

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May 24

Organic Spirits, Really.

What do you get when you mix organic sugarcane with desalinated deep ocean mineral water? A product that tastes as clean and pure as the process used to make it! Vodka!  Appropriately named, Ocean Vodka! The water starts out as a melting glacier and surprisingly enough ends up at 3000 feet below the surface off …

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May 08

Sweet Lana’i – Part 4

Our Day Trip to Lana’i Dole Park was the place to be that day!  Dole Park is the town square in Lana’i City. Any shopping or restaurants on Lana’i that are not related to one of the two resorts are found on or directly around the square. All 3 grocery stores are here as well. …

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Apr 30

Bugs Be Gone!


Aloha! This blogging thing is still very new to me. I’m learning as I go. My mind has been swimming with subject matter and content presentation ideas.  It has practically consumed my life for the past 5 days. In a good way! This adventure is too special not to share. Between my SDH and myself, …

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Apr 29

More Onions, Please!

Aloha!  Day 18 in Hawaii! We received our last 2 shipped boxes today. Unpacking kitchen knives and all of our spices was VERY exciting! I kissed the Julio’s Seasoning Salt container after it was unpacked. My husband kissed his kitchen knives and the mandolin slicer he uses to make our ahi poke. We’ve had to …

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