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Apr 28

14 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Maui:

        ALOHA!  We are coming up on a year of living on Maui.  It seemed an appropriate time to take a look back at the most obvious lessons learned.  I hope you enjoy!   “Aloha” really is a greeting practiced on an everyday basis. “Hello” seems to be acceptable too; although, if …

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Sep 28

Game Day My Way

Aloha!!!! Long time no write, yeah?! The local lingo is starting to stick with me. Ending sentences with “yeah” is very common here. Reminds me of spending a week in Vancouver, Canada when I was 14. By the end of the week I was adding “aye” to the end of all my sentences. I’ve been …

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Sep 06


Manele Bay

Aloha! There was a saying I remember hearing many times in a previous career that stated “activity breeds activity.”  It couldn’t be more true for my life today!  Not only have my husband and I both found “regular” jobs that we are enjoying, but we are also getting more appointments scheduled for our own business …

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Aug 04

The Interview Questions…

Aloha! Tomorrow will mark my tenth job interview in approximately 2 months here on Maui. I have been offered a few of the positions and chose to turn them down for various reasons. I wanted to let you know that up front so you don’t think I am bitter about this process. I am not …

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Jul 29

Meteorologists Show Aloha!

Aloha!  While preparing for Tropical Storm Flossie’s arrival yesterday, I realized that my basic cable package (the free one) does not include The Weather Channel. It has taken me four months to realize I haven’t had access to my go-to channel! Maybe because the weather is virtually the same here in beautiful Hawaii every day. …

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Jul 17

Everything Changes…

Aloha! We are still settling in to our new place.  The second bedroom of our whopping 1100 square foot condo has turned into an office/studio/storage room/garage…but a neat one! I have a friend in Texas who calls her junk room or catch all room her MPR, short for multi-purpose room. I’m seriously thinking of using …

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Jul 07

Finch Friends

Our first morning to wake up at the new place, we decided to sit out on the lanai to have our coffee and soak in our new view. There is a white plumeria tree that sits just to the left of the table on the lanai…and the blooms are VERY fragrant. Because the lanai is …

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Jul 06

The Small Breath-Taking Surprise!

Aloha! I realized it has been 10 days since my last post about the cornbread recipe from the ohana cookbook. A lot has been going on and I’ve found MUCH aloha! For reasons I won’t get in to, we, sadly, needed to move out of the home in the jungle. I have been packing and …

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Jun 23

Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm

Heading upcountry to the lavender farm, I decided this may be a place the tourists go because it’s on a “must see” list somewhere. It’s not the normal palm trees and beaches scene that most people think of when they think of Hawaii. Many of my posts should be proof to that as well. The …

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Jun 10

The Rare Silversword Plant

I took a trip up to the top of Haleakala recently and found the amazing, beautiful, silver sword plant. This is the only place in the world that the silver sword plant can be found. We found it growing at an elevation of 10,023 feet. Although they look very prickly and sticky, I had to …

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