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Sep 06


Manele Bay

Aloha! There was a saying I remember hearing many times in a previous career that stated “activity breeds activity.”  It couldn’t be more true for my life today!  Not only have my husband and I both found “regular” jobs that we are enjoying, but we are also getting more appointments scheduled for our own business …

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May 21

Black Sand Beach

Aloha!  Very busy and fun time showing my sweet DD around the island on her first visit to Hawaii.  My photo library is stocking up nicely. I will have SO much to show you in the coming weeks! Here are some photos of a small black sand beach cove we stumbled upon on the Hana …

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May 17

Garden of Eden

Aloha!  My DD flew in yesterday. I may be posting more photos than stories while she is here for the next 2 weeks. You don’t mind, do you?  Here are some photos I took at the Garden of Eden on the Hana Highway. I hope you enjoy!     Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for …

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May 14

Chasing Sunshine

Aloha! The humidity level in the house is at 77%. This is what happens after 4 days of constant rain in a home with no air conditioning. (The A/C thing is kind of a big deal for me if you haven’t noticed. It is starting to grow on me…I think…) I picked up a stack …

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