Apr 27

Birds Wake Up First…


Aloha! Day 15 in Hawaii!

The most drastic difference I have found so far about living in Hawaii versus the mainland is the big push on conserving energy, recycling, etc. I did my research before we moved and expected it, but it is still a drastic change. A good change, I think. I am reminded of it every morning, before dawn, when the roosters start crowing. You might be asking yourself “TG…(that’s short for “Texas Girl…” since I am not using my real name on this public blog!) what do roosters have to do with conserving energy?” Well, I’ll tell ya!

Mother nature provides the only air conditioning in our beautiful home. That means sleeping with the windows open. Therefore, the roosters get the day going and they come in loud and clear. 4 AM, 5 AM…it’s their choice. I’m curious to know if they have monthly rooster meetings to make out a rooster crowing schedule. You know, so they can take turns. It seems like a big responsibility, waking up the entire island. Anyway, once the roosters get the day going, they are quickly followed by what seems like 2 dozen or more different species of birds living in the trees. It’s a wonderful symphony! Better than any alarm clock or iphone app.

We haven’t taken the time yet to identify any of the others that we hear, yet.  We have made up our own names for a few:  the monkey bird, the cheeseburger bird, the happy bird, etc. The description we give is related to the sound the bird makes. I bet you’re curious about the cheeseburger bird, aren’t you?

We also haven’t really photographed any of them yet, either, except our resident rooster at the top of the page. They are small and quick, unlike the big birds that would hang out in our backyard in Florida, or walk beside us on the beaches there.

Red Heron in FloridaSandhill Cranes with chicks in our backyard in Floridaimage-6Roseate Spoonbill in Florida

I see a cardinal outside our living room window several times a day. I can identify him. I’ve also interrupted a large (20-30 count) flock of small dark red finch type birds. I was walking around the back of the house on the path to the laundry room (yes it’s outside, stay tuned for that blog post…) and interrupted the finch-like birds’ dinner party on the lawn. I discovered bird watching while living in Oklahoma when I spotted a Carolina chickadee, a painted bunting and a tufted titmouse all in my own backyard.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

Identifying and photographing the birds here in Hawaii may be a more difficult task, but hopefully we are up for the challenge. I’m sure my college ornithology professor would be proud.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s morning symphony.

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  1. Ron Fisher

    Looking forward to your blog…roosters were the alarm clock in Haiti…and getting up bc it was so sticky and humid!

    Enjoying your journey with you…and glad you did it TG!!

  2. Texas Girl Finds Aloha

    Thanks, Ron! Gotta love the roosters!

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