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Jun 23

Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm

Heading upcountry to the lavender farm, I decided this may be a place the tourists go because it’s on a “must see” list somewhere. It’s not the normal palm trees and beaches scene that most people think of when they think of Hawaii. Many of my posts should be proof to that as well. The …

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Jun 18

Tahitian Crabmeat Soup

Luscious and creamy and rich! Complete with coconut milk! The Tahitian Crabmeat Soup recipe came from Chef Sam Choy’s Aloha Cuisine cookbook. Oddly enough, I found this cookbook, along with his Poke cookbook in the Polynesian Resort at Disney World…in Florida. They are obviously two of the sixteen cookbooks that made the journey with me …

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Jun 16

Jackson’s Chameleon

We took a trip upcountry to the Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm to do some exploring and check out this beautiful place. We found some truly amazing things there! One of them being Jackson’s Chameleon. Isn’t he just the coolest!!!!   While we were roaming the gardens full of beautiful, exotic and unusual plants, we were …

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Jun 13

The Laundry Walk

ALLLLOOOOOHAAAAA! Today is laundry day. Yes, even living in paradise, clothes still get dirty. Today as I was procrastinating starting the laundry, for the third day, I decided it really doesn’t matter what type of laundry facility I have, it’s still a dreaded process. I began recollecting about all the different laundry rooms I have …

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Jun 10

The Rare Silversword Plant

I took a trip up to the top of Haleakala recently and found the amazing, beautiful, silver sword plant. This is the only place in the world that the silver sword plant can be found. We found it growing at an elevation of 10,023 feet. Although they look very prickly and sticky, I had to …

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Jun 09


Please don’t get intimidated! Shoyu is just the Japanese word for SOY SAUCE. Shoyu Chicken is a Hawaiian staple. It is served many places in a styrofoam container as a plate lunch along with heaping sides of rice and macaroni salad. I know, lots of starch, right? Reminds me of how my tray would look …

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Jun 08

Coconut Shortbread

While searching through the Ohana Cookbook to find a first recipe to share with you, I knew it had to be something very special. It needed to be something that most people think of when they think of Hawai`i, it had to be something made with COCONUT!!! …and I wanted it to be something a …

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Jun 05

Ke`anae Peninsula

Aloha! I never knew Hawaii had earthquakes, until I felt one yesterday. The trade winds were blowing yesterday and I have to confess, I thought it was just a really strong gust of wind coming through, rattling the house…like a dirt devil without the dirt. What did I know, I only remember experiencing one other …

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Jun 02

The Ohana Cookbook


You are in for QUITE a treat!!! I am giddy with excitement about a new project I will be introducing to you. We have been fortunate enough to have one of our local Hawaiian friends, who is a third generation of five generations of family originating from the island of Hawaii, loan us his family’s …

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Jun 01

Surfing Goat Dairy

Aloha! We were in tour mode after my daughter arrived on Maui for her first visit. So much to see and so little time to see it!  Luckily, after touring the Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery, we were directed up the road only a mile or so away to the Surfing Goat Dairy. Surfing…Goat… hmmm…do …

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