Jun 23

Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm

Heading upcountry to the lavender farm, I decided this may be a place the tourists go because it’s on a “must see” list somewhere. It’s not the normal palm trees and beaches scene that most people think of when they think of Hawaii. Many of my posts should be proof to that as well.

Lavender Farm

The climate at the lavender farm is usually cool and overcast. It sits pretty far up country in the lush, damp, coolness. The day I visited was, luckily, sunny and warm when I arrived. There were so many areas to explore, many on steep hills, which meant a considerable amount of climbing up hill and carefully finding my way back down. I was exhausted by the time we left 3 hours later!

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

I try to do my research before heading out to these locations and I’m very, very glad I did this time! There is a very peaceful picnic area with a fabulous view on property. We packed a lunch and were able to spend an hour or so just enjoying the view, while recuperating from all the hill climbing.

Lavender Farm Lunch View

This was our view during lunch.

There is a very nice gift shop and snack shop on property. Jams, chocolates, scones, lemonade, truffles, lotions, etc, all containing lavender, can be found inside. I sampled the strawberry lavender jalapeno jam, it was delicious and had quite a bite to it!


I purchased a bottle of their lavender lemonade for $5 to have with our picnic. It was fabulous lemonade, I didn’t really detect the lavender, which may be a good thing.


We found so many unusual plants here and beautiful settings. It was all in a very natural laid back setting. I only wish they would have had all their plants labeled. I will be attempting to identify all of these for weeks!


lavender farm

lavender farm

I am always amazed when I spot a familiar plant from the mainland that is normally used as a bedding plant.  Like this wild red geranium I found growing in a vine form up a coniferous trees, along with a huge bunch of rosemary along for the ride.

wild geranium vine


There were also several protea at the lavender farm like this pink beauty.  I won’t even begin to explain protea here.  They deserve a blog post all of their own.


pink proteus


Here are a few more of the beautiful plants that I found at the Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm.


grass at lavender farm

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

Texas Girl Finds Aloha





Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for stopping by.

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