Apr 28

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

This morning when we woke up, we saw this out on our lanai:


We don’t have a dog… or want a dog…and the lanai is on the second floor…

We thought he was a very bold dog to climb the stairs and that maybe he had been up here before. He had a collar on but no tags. He seemed quite happy to just hang out on our lanai. My husband tried to take him on a short walk, hoping something would grab his attention. It didn’t work… we named him “Frank.”



Rural areas in Hawaii seem to have their fair share of wandering cats and dogs just as the rural areas do on the mainland. The animals here seem to also have the aloha spirit, just as the people do.

Frank kept us entertained on the lanai most of the day. He had some pretty funny facial expressions. Don’t you love the ears?  Scratching and sneezing…he was full of personality, very happy.

Later, we both went for a longer walk of a mile or so. Frank went along with us. Leading the way and marking his territory…

One of the neighbors (the ones with the chickens) saw a “lost dog” post and found the owner.  She was VERY glad to find him!

We were actually a little sad to see him go.  image-15



  1. Tracy Bulla

    Aww, I like Frank.

  2. Texas Girl Finds Aloha

    He grew on us.

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