Apr 28

14 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Maui:






ALOHA!  We are coming up on a year of living on Maui.  It seemed an appropriate time to take a look back at the most obvious lessons learned.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. “Aloha” really is a greeting practiced on an everyday basis. “Hello” seems to be acceptable too; although, if I ever say “good-bye” and it is reciprocated with “Aloha” I always feel like I need to say “Aloha” too.  (Aloha means hello and good-bye and so much more.)
  2. No one wears flip-flops here. They are called slippers or “slippahs”.
  3. There is a difference between summer and winter. Summer is considered the dry season and winter the rainy season. More than once, the thermometer dropped down to the low 50’s this past winter. This only happened a few times and never lasted all day. These days reminded me of most snow days in Texas…except “slippahs” were still ok to wear.
  4. Local radio stations are a hoot with personable and entertaining local DJ’s. They may break in to a lecture meant for one of their family members while  on the air. Some days the top news may be that a neighbor lost or found a dog. The dog will usually be a pit bull mix or a Chihuahua mix. KPOA being my favorite station, Google it and listen in for a while. They have a way of putting everything into perspective very quickly.
  5. The population of Maui is around 40,000. Even though there are over a dozen “towns” on the island, the coconut telegraph is hard at work. The island definitely has a small town feel and everyone knows everyone or has a cousin, brother, auntie or daughter who knows the same people.
  6. Speaking of coconut telegraph…I have yet to hear a Jimmy Buffett song on the radio. Oddly enough, considering about 4 years ago the CD player in my car was always full of nothing but Jimmy Buffett CD’s…I don’t miss it.
  7. Visiting the local Costco is a chore. It is normally packed with people to the point that gridlock occurs. Locals and visitors alike all must endure it. Even Mitt Romney was spotted at Costco this past holiday season. After much trial and error, I have learned that there IS a less busy and more enjoyable time to go.  Sorry…I won’t be posting the details here.
  8.  I am a minority in Hawaii. I learned (before I moved here) that respect of the various cultures, the land/sea and the people goes a long way to fitting in and being accepted here. The older I get, the less inclined I feel to make my OWN point of view known. My “filter” is stronger now and not much gets through it anymore. (For those of you who have known me for many years, pick your jaw up off the ground.) I don’t think the younger me from even 10 years ago could have survived here. Everything happens in due time, right? I love learning about the different cultures and traditions from my co-workers and other acquaintances. I find it absolutely fascinating!
  9.  Hearing locals speaking pidgin makes me smile. Hearing haoles (white people/foreigners) speaking pidgin is uhmm…a little creepy.
  10. Two destinations from the mainland that I miss – EPCOT Center and Taco Villa. While living in Florida, we had season passes to Disney World since it was only an hour from home. I loved EPCOT because it seemed like a safe and quick way to see and experience the entire world. (Yes, I realize it’s not reallllly the same.)  Taco Villa…well, I emailed them once and asked if they would ship me several combination burritos…they never responded.  Surely I’m not the first person to request this! At this point, I would settle for just the little containers of hot sauce.
  11. Because the homes and specifically the windows are made for letting the trade winds blow through, any light indoors that is left on after dark will have a nice sprinkling of dead gnats around it the next morning.
  12. There is no need for scented candles or room diffusers, the trade winds will blow the scent of plumeria in everyday.
  13.  It is important to look out the window and say “Good Morning Hawaii!”  to start every day.  …Every.  Day.
  14.  For the first time in my life, I don’t long to be somewhere else. I never realized how much mental/emotional energy I exerted over the last forty some-odd years on always wanting to be here. I will admit, I didn’t know where “here” was exactly, just that it was warm, tropical, welcoming and magical.  I am home.

Mahalo for stopping by!

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

P.S. This post is dedicated to my daddy for his upcoming birthday. Hau`oli Lā Hānau!




Sep 28

Game Day My Way

Aloha!!!! Long time no write, yeah?! The local lingo is starting to stick with me. Ending sentences with “yeah” is very common here. Reminds me of spending a week in Vancouver, Canada when I was 14. By the end of the week I was adding “aye” to the end of all my sentences. I’ve been a full time resident of Hawaii almost 6 months now. Can you believe it?! Six months!!! Time has flown by!

It seems fall is rolling in on the mainland according to the posts I see on Facebook. My transition to fall here seems to be wearing a t-shirt with sleeves as opposed to a tank top when I sit on my lanai in the evening to have dinner with my sweet husband. I’m not sure if the temperature has actually dropped a degree or two, or if my evening wardrobe has just changed due to all of the autumn comments I see you all post.  Funny, the Weather Channel and weather apps that I previously looked at and got excited about several times a day get very little if any attention from me here. The weather is virtually the same everyday here, so why bother, yeah?   ( I had to do it…the “yeah”)

The other subject that my facebook feed is crammed with these days is your excitement for the beginning of football season. Those of you who know me well know that football has really never been anything I get excited about. I don’t miss it. At all. I know, shocking for a girl born and raised in west Texas to admit.

Last weekend, as my husband and I were preparing to video a wedding, I realized THIS is my game day! The days we are fortunate enough to be able to record and be a part of a couple’s wedding day is when I get that giddy, excited “game day” feeling. So, as we were packing up to catch the ferry to the island of Lana’i to record a wedding, I decided to share with you our version of “game day”. I apologize that the photos are not better quality, we were using the video only cameras today and no DSLR’s (big still cameras) made the journey with us. The iphone was all I had with me when the idea hit me, and I think I had a smudged lens. I’ll try to do better next time… Between finding a parking space, walking to the harbor and catching the ferry to the wedding destination, we have learned to take exactly what we might need for the day and nothing more. So, with that being said, here is Maile Media’s version of “game day”.

The gear is packed.  No stadium chairs, blankets or thermos of "hot chocolate".

The gear is packed. No stadium chairs, blankets or thermos of “hot chocolate” only camera gear, tripods and microphones.

"People watching" while waiting for the "shuttle" to take us to the "stadium".

“People watching” while waiting for the “shuttle” to take us to the “stadium” at the Lahaina Harbor.  Someone had a nice morning fishing!

On the "shuttle" leaving the harbor, heading to the "stadium"!

On the “shuttle” leaving the harbor, heading to the “stadium”! Those are tourists sitting at the back of the ferry, that’s not us.

The "stadium" (resort) is in view!

45 minutes later, the “stadium” (resort) is in view!

"Stadium" Road!

“Stadium” Road!


"Tailgating" before the "game".  Spicy ahi sushi!

“Tailgating” before the “game”. Spicy ahi sushi!

Pre-game Warm Up

Pre-game Warm Up – Setting up and testing cameras and microphones while the florists “mark the field”.


The "playing field".  aka Circle of Love

The “playing field” aka Circle of Love


I had to take a close up of the purple hibiscus flower.  First one I've ever seen!

I had to take a close up of the purple hibiscus bloom. First one I’ve ever seen!

Exhausted after the "game" and waiting for the "shuttle" to take us home.

Exhausted after the “game” and waiting for the “shuttle” to take us home.


Aloha, Lana'i!  See you next time, yeah?!

Aloha, Lana’i! See you next time, yeah?!

Mahalo for stopping by!

Texas Girl Finds Aloha



Sep 06


Aloha! There was a saying I remember hearing many times in a previous career that stated “activity breeds activity.”  It couldn’t be more true for my life today!  Not only have my husband and I both found “regular” jobs that we are enjoying, but we are also getting more appointments scheduled for our own business as well! Activity DOES breed activity…and for that we are very thankful!

Wedding Leis Wedding leis before they are exchanged and draped over the wedding party.

A young man waiting for his mom, the bride, to make her appearance.

Manele Bay

Fortunately, our business also allows us the opportunity to spend the day visiting our favorite place on earth!

(Not so much the lobby, but what you see out beyond it.)

Recently, we were involved in recording the ceremony of a beautiful couple on the same beach where we exchanged our own vows. It was a very special day!  While setting up my video camera, I found myself getting a bit annoyed and stressed because I couldn’t hear those around me speaking. The tide was coming in and each wave was starting to crash louder than the one before it!  I was annoyed with the waves for being so loud!!!

At that moment, I had to stop, take a deep breath, and literally look around me. I was standing in the sand, with bare feet, in the sunshine, in Hawaii, on my favorite beach…ever, getting ready to record the most sacred, beautiful day that two people can share with one another…while each wave crashed louder than the one before it. – THIS is what I have dreamed of my entire life!

Mahalo (thank you) for stopping by!

Texas Girl Finds Aloha

Mika’ele, we missed you!  Please take care and get well soon!

Aug 04

The Interview Questions…


Aloha! Tomorrow will mark my tenth job interview in approximately 2 months here on Maui. I have been offered a few of the positions and chose to turn them down for various reasons. I wanted to let you know that up front so you don’t think I am bitter about this process. I am not at all, but I have found it very interesting and amusing. All part of the journey.

What has amazed me the most is the wide variety of questions I have been asked. The latest, by email, was:  “How long have you lived in Maui?” This position was a behind the scenes office administration position, so I’m not sure what difference it would make how long I’ve been here, or if that’s even a legal question to ask. I wasn’t applying to give tours of the island or to work at one of the Hawaiian historical/cultural centers or museums.  …and shouldn’t the correct question be: ‘How long have you lived ON Maui?’ Maui is an island after all and not a city. I didn’t receive another reply after I responded that I had lived ON Maui for four months now. No, I didn’t capitalize the word ON in my reply…that would have explained the lack of response though.

Interestingly enough, the common denominator in each interview has been some form of:  ‘How would you handle conflict between you and another co-worker, or with a guest/customer?‘  Is there REALLY that much conflict in the workplace that each interviewer believes it’s important enough to ask?!

I have also been asked the tabu: “Do you have children?” and “Are you married?“questions. Yes, really!  Sometimes from major worldwide corporations and sometimes from small mom and pop organizations.

The kicker of them all so far for me has been “Would you mind sharing your faith based journey with us…if you have one?”  (Why yes, I do mind.)  …needless to say, by mutual agreement, this will not be my new place of employment. Not that I’m against “faith based journeys”  I just don’t wish to share mine during a job interview.

In the meantime, our photography business, Maile Media, is still moving along. Our calendar is filling!

My goal was just to find something fun and happy to do, to make extra money somewhere I can make people’s lives happier and/or easier. This is the land of aloha after all. I know the right thing will come at the right time. My next interview is tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to the next set of questions!!! Wish me luck, prayers, happy thoughts, positive energy, etc, please!


Aloha and mahalo for visiting!

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Jul 29

Meteorologists Show Aloha!

Aloha!  While preparing for Tropical Storm Flossie’s arrival yesterday, I realized that my basic cable package (the free one) does not include The Weather Channel. It has taken me four months to realize I haven’t had access to my go-to channel! Maybe because the weather is virtually the same here in beautiful Hawaii every day. I remember seeing a 5 day forecast from a local station on the TV screen a few weeks ago and every day was literally the same picture. Same high, same low, same sunny icon and same wind variable. Exactly the same. I started to feel bad for the poor weather men/women here as I remembered how excited the meteorologists on the mainland get when a thunderstorm might be building.


When I woke up this morning, I could hear a light rain, palm trees blowing in the breeze, geckos chirping and birds singing. Having experienced Tropical Storm Debby last year in Florida, dumping a record breaking amount of rainfall of more than 15 inches in 3 days, I knew Flossie had not yet arrived. There will be no birds singing if Flossie’s attitude is anything like Debby’s. I immediately turned on the TV and found a local station out of Honolulu reporting on the weather. When will she be here?!

I discovered that luckily, the spirit of aloha exists even from the local meteorologists reporting on what could be their biggest event for years.  …make that decades… this is the first time since 1992 that there is the potential for a direct hit to the Hawaiian islands from a storm of this magnitude.  I got that straight from the meteorologist on my TV screen right now. Amazingly, he managed to report this information, as have all his colleagues here, WITHOUT the slightest inclination of hysteria! They are still able to get all the necessary information out like information about storm surges, flash flood areas, area closings and shelter locations, but without that panic stricken tone in their voice. No worries.

This is truly the land of aloha.

Apparently I have a few more hours to prepare for Flossie’s arrival. I find myself a little more concerned about her arrival than I was for Debby’s arrival in Florida. I feel a little less prepared, although I’m not sure why. We brought the majority of our hurricane supplies with us from Florida and have plenty of food. I went to the store yesterday morning for the important last minute items like water and wine. It was fairly uneventful. No lines or crowds. I’m hoping my feeling of unpreparedness is just due to the fact that there wasn’t that much preparing to do and not that we have forgotten something important.  …I’m going to find a few more containers to fill with water….  Here’s hoping Flossie will bring her aloha spirit as well.

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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Jul 17

Everything Changes…


We are still settling in to our new place.  The second bedroom of our whopping 1100 square foot condo has turned into an office/studio/storage room/garage…but a neat one! I have a friend in Texas who calls her junk room or catch all room her MPR, short for multi-purpose room. I’m seriously thinking of using that label too. There is a bed in the room, but luckily it is a murphy bed. I’m not sure we could ever move stuff around enough to put it down.

My husband started a new job a few days ago to earn some extra cash while the other ventures continue to build, and they are starting to build!!! It is a very exciting time for us and we are very thankful!

In case you haven’t been following from the beginning of our adventure to Hawaii, one of the choices we made to be able to move here was to share a single vehicle. Since my husband started his new job, oddly enough, this meant I finally had to drive myself around. I had become a little like Miss Daisy without even realizing it.  After 3 months, I was probably getting bossy and cranky like Miss Daisy too…

My first DAY of driving myself around went smoothly. Picking my husband up from work, in the rain, after dark, in an area heavily populated with tourists, wasn’t so much fun.  Luckily, I didn’t run over anyone, although I did have one man in the crosswalk concerned. All I can say is…he was in my blind spot.   Really!  He was!!  I gave him a ‘hang loose’ hand gesture and all was good…I think. One of my childhood friends just moved to Italy and has the challenge of learning to drive there. At least I didn’t have THAT to contend with too! I wonder if ‘hang loose’ hand gestures work in Italy too…

As I sit here writing this post on the lanai, looking out at the palm trees, Pacific Ocean and the island of Lana’i, I hope I don’t ever take this view for granted. It is intriguing to me how different the view looks depending on what time of day I look out. The position of the sun (or lack of sun) does absolutely spectacular things to the water and the islands in the distance. Here is a little of what I’m referring to:

DSC_3188 DSC_3208-Edit DSC_3212 DSC_3421




All photos shot facing west off the lanai.  Everything changes…

Aloha and mahalo for visiting!

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Jul 09

Yummy Bowl

Aloha! Ohhhh the things we find on Pinterest!!! My Shoyu Chicken recipe has been repinned 35 times as of this post… and almost all from people I don’t know!!! For my blog that is less than 3 months old, I am quite excited about that!  Anytime I receive an email that someone has repinned it, I get super excited and have to go check out the pinner’s boards as well. Gotta share the love!

The Shoyu Chicken recipe is super delicious and super easy to make. You know what that means, right? Yep, I make it a lot!!!  …and there are always leftovers. I love leftovers and finding new ways to use them. I feel a great sense of accomplishment on being able to use the leftovers in the refrigerator before they go bad. Since food in Hawaii is a little more expensive to buy, the sense of accomplishment is even greater when I am able to prevent the science experiments from launching in the refrigerator.

I found something super cool and unique on Pinterest during one of my internet surfing sessions! (I haven’t tried the REAL surfing at the beach yet…) It’s called a YUMMY BOWL. I found the photo on Pinterest and it led me to a blog called Your Home Based Mom.  Apparently the Yummy Bowl originated from a restaurant found in Oregon and Washington called Cafe Yumm and it’s all about the YUM sauce!  What I love the most about this recipe is that is is extremely versatile and can be altered in an endless number of ways. I like to think that most cooking recipes are only suggestions and are meant to be changed to the cook’s preference.  …unless you’re baking, of course.

Here is the Yummy Sauce Recipe as found on Your Home Based Mom:

Yummy Sauce

1/2 C canola oil

1/2 C almonds (for a creamier sauce, use almond flour)

1/3 C nutritional yeast (Whole Foods)

1/2 C chickpeas or 1/2 C garbanzo beans, cooked

1/4 C soybeans, cooked

1/2 C filtered water (I just used bottled water)

1/2 C fresh lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp. dried oregano

1 tsp dried cilantro


Combine almonds, beans and oil in blender or food processor and process. Add all other ingredients and puree until nice and creamy smooth. Cover and let refrigerate for one hour. Keep refrigerated between uses.

Now, I don’t know about YOU, but I found an ingredient in there that I have never used nor seen before, nutritional yeast.  It is a de-activated yeast and I found it at Whole Foods in the bulk bins. Yep, there is really a Whole Foods on Maui, complete with palm trees in the parking lot. As much as I enjoy roaming the aisles, I do not frequent the store on a regular basis. If I didn’t find the nutritional yeast at Whole Foods, I would’ve ordered it from Amazon…in the box to the right…on this page…scroll down just a little and you should see it. I don’t enjoy shopping, crowds or going on scavenger hunts for unique products and I discovered a few years ago that Amazon is a dream come true for situations like these. If you type in “nutritional yeast” in the Amazon search box on the right, you will have several different products at your disposal to choose from and many can be delivered the next day. If you are like me and don’t like to pay shipping, a little more patience is necessary before your order arrives at your front door. Still, SOOOOO much easier than driving from store to store to find unique products!!!  Go ahead!  You can search for it now if you like…I’ll wait…

Did you find it?

Ok. Where were we before you went shopping? Oh yeah! The nutritional yeast has a nutty flavor and is a complete protein and a great source of vitamin-B complex. Probably something that should NOT be omitted or substituted in the Yummy Sauce recipe. Also, the leftover Yummy Sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 months, but it probably won’t last that long because it’s…you guessed it…too YUMMY!!!

Yummy Sauce!

 The YUMMY SAUUUUUCE!!!  You can see all the bits of goodness blended into the sauce.

So here is how you set up the rest of the recipe once you have the Yummy Sauce made.

In Individual bowls:

1.  A layer of cooked brown or white rice (My favorite is Jasmine Rice)

2.  A nice layer of Yummy Sauce (I used about 3 tablespoons)

3.  A layer of shredded cheese (your choice – I omitted this layer all together)

4.  A layer of chopped vegetables – whatever you may have available.  (I used shredded lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and green onions.)  The possibilities are endless on what you can add to your veggie layer.

5.  Meat of your choice (I used the left over Shoyu Chicken!)

6.  Chopped nuts, almonds, peanuts or cashews, etc. (I used macadamia nuts)

7.  Teriyaki sauce or other sauce of choice or nothing (I used Teriyaki sauce)


Yummy Sauce

 This is the rice with the layer of Yummy Sauce on it before all the other goodies are added.

Yummy Bowl

The finished Yummy Bowl!!!

**I was not able to find the canned soy beans called for in the sauce, so I just used more Garbanzo Beans/Chick Peas. Next time I might try black beans or kidney beans…because I have them!

**I found the Yummy Sauce thickens up a bit after being refrigerated over night. I thinned it with a little more lemon juice and water and it was perfect again. You may like it thicker.

I have Cilantro/Lime/Chili Chicken cooking in the crockpot today, so I am planning to try Mexican Yummy Bowls later in the week with THIS leftover chicken! Maybe add some black olives to the veggie layer as well as the layer of cheese, black beans, corn, etc. Or make a greek version with spinach, pine nuts and feta cheese. There are just so many ways this can be converted and used  with the Yummy Sauce being the constant in them all!


I hope you try this one! It is absolutely delicious and something we will be adding to our menu on a VERY frequent basis. Mahalo to Your Home Based Mom for the inspiration!

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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Jul 07

Finch Friends

Our first morning to wake up at the new place, we decided to sit out on the lanai to have our coffee and soak in our new view. There is a white plumeria tree that sits just to the left of the table on the lanai…and the blooms are VERY fragrant. Because the lanai is elevated off the ground due to the sloping of the land that the building sits on, this puts the branches of the plumeria tree at eye level with our outdoor seating.

We were greeted by many new little bird friends that we had not encountered at the jungle house.

The Java Finch – they usually show up several at a time. Sometimes they will sit 6 or 7 to a branch. Males and females look alike. It is originally from Indonesia. This one was sitting on a plumeria branch next to our table. I think he (or she) is absolutely beautiful!

Java Finch from Maile Media

The Common House Finch – who seems to be anything but common. How can he be called “common” with all that beautiful red on his face and chest??? Males are red, females are brown/grey. They are from North America, introduced to Hawaii around 1870.

Common House Finch by Maile Media

They were all very friendly and brave, many would sit on the railing or hop onto the table where we were sitting. It was a great way to start the morning.

Later that day I emailed our new landlord to give her an update on things.  In the note, I told her that all the birds came and introduced themselves. In her reply back she stated “the birds are wonderful, but whatever you do, don’t feed them, they’ll move in on you!”  This struck me as funny. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much encouragement for  the friendly little guys to help themselves during a nice dinner outside. Of course, I also had a mental image of them all carrying little bird-sized suitcases under each wing and marching into the house chattering about which room they wanted to claim.

There are other birds that have come to say hello, they are just extremely quick and I’m still trying to get photos of them before introducing them to you.  More to come!

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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Jul 06

The Small Breath-Taking Surprise!

Aloha! I realized it has been 10 days since my last post about the cornbread recipe from the ohana cookbook. A lot has been going on and I’ve found MUCH aloha!

For reasons I won’t get in to, we, sadly, needed to move out of the home in the jungle. I have been packing and unpacking since I posted last. Luckily, we sold most of our furniture, etc. before moving to Hawaii in April. We came here with 4 suitcases and shipped 24 boxes. It seemed like much more than that while moving it all last week. HOW did we accumulate so much in less than 3 months??? I do believe groceries and cleaning supplies were the biggest culprit.You know, the things we didn’t ship over, but still needed to purchase once we arrived in Hawaii like canned goods, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and anything liquid that has significant weight to it.


Even when you move into a fully furnished home, something is always missing that you just NEED. This time, it was bath mats. One trip to Ross and we were good to go!


The unpacking is complete once again…we lost approximately 600 square feet of indoor living space. We are down to about 1100 square feet now. One of the things I really enjoy about living in a small space is that it takes very little time to clean it!


We no longer get to enjoy the beautiful koa wood floors or the cats that would come visit on the lanai at the jungle home. The evenings are not as cool at the new place, but there is a small air conditioning unit in each bedroom and one in the living area. Hurraayyyy for air conditioning!!! I really didn’t miss it much anymore at the jungle home. I was pretty proud of myself for learning how to live without it, with no more whining… The laundry situation is definitely not like the last one that I posted about here. I’m back to a stacked washer and dryer behind a folding door in the kitchen.  Remember, laundry is still laundry…


The new place sits on a golf course. We don’t golf. I once owned golf clubs and enjoyed a few holes of golf now and then. When I say “a FEW holes of golf” I really mean it. I would usually get tired of playing by about the 6th or 7th hole and be ready to leave. I enjoyed riding around in the cart, especially early in the morning when the grass was still cool and damp more than the actual act of golfing.


***I just came outside to sit on the lanai and finish this post, but it seems to be a busy day on the golf course and I find myself cringing every time I hear someone tee off. One slice and I’m a goner.  It is normally not a busy course, but considering this IS 4th of July weekend…I’m going back inside…to turn on the air conditioner…


Since I don’t golf anymore, I like to think of the course behind our new home as my very well manicured huge backyard that sits between me and my ENORMOUS salt water…”pool”.  I just share them both with LOTS of other people.

Lana’i is the island in the background on the left and Molokai is the island on the right.



This is a panoramic view (minus the golf course) I have dreamed about for decades and we literally did NOT know it was here when we came to view this condo before our recent move. I’m thinking 1100 square feet is perfect!  How about you?


More to come!!!

Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting!

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Jun 26

Cornbread – Hawaiian Style?


I found this cornbread recipe in the Ohana Cookbook. As I mentioned before, I don’t plan to post recipes that I view as normal/traditional southern recipes. So, what’s so different about this cornbread? It uses pancake mix!  

It also uses sugar, which I know is a controversial ingredient for cornbread, especially in the south. My daughter reminded me that when I returned from my very first trip to Hawaii in 2001, I brought home the most delicious COCONUT cornbread mix! It seemed to be more cake than cornbread and was delicious! The coconut cornbread must have made quite the impression on my daughter, she was still in grade school when she tasted it. We wondered if this recipe using the pancake mix would turn out a similar product.

The recipe below did NOT turn out like the coconut cornbread mix, but it was much fluffier than regular cornbread. Golden, buttery and delicious!

Here are the ingredients you will need:


1 BLOCK BUTTER, MELTED (research tells me 1 block = 1 pound * see my note at the bottom of the recipe.)











The batter was thick and delicious!


Cornbread - Hawaiian Style

 The finished product was absolutely beautiful!

* I ended up baking it about 5 minutes longer than the recipe suggested. This made me question the 1 block = 1 pound of butter conversion. (Could there be TOO MUCH butter???  Is there such a thing???) It also could have been because I didn’t have an 8 x 8 pan, or it could have just been because the oven temperature isn’t calibrated correctly. Once it was cooked, I tried to cut a piece before it had cooled and it was very crumbly. I didn’t mind this so much since I was just planning to crumble it in a bowl of black-eyed peas anyway. After my hastiness to taste the very warm scrumptious goodness didn’t leave me with a beautiful square of cornbread, I opted to wait until it cooled completely to cut the next piece. It cut perfectly this time! We ended up having cornbread for days!

Try it, and let me know what you think! Or, leave me a comment if you have a similar recipe using pancake mix.  I don’t think this is a true Hawaiian recipe, but since I found it in the Hawaiian cookbook, it will now always be my Hawaiian cornbread recipe.



Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for stopping by!

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